Do you want to apply for a job? Do it well.


Before you respond to a job offer, think about your situation. Are you willing to travel to another part of Slovakia or even abroad for work, or is your current location more important to you? Remember that in all countries, except for the Czech Republic, you need good English.

Numbers, relationships, technology?

Get your head in order. Think about your disposition, your achievements, your successes, the areas you are good at, and what you would like to do every day. Ask the people you have worked with or you meet regularly to tell you how they see you.

Read a number of advertisements

If you have already made up your mind about the job you are interested in, go through several job offers and compare them before you decide to apply. Focus mainly on the job description and the employer’s requirements.

Do not apply to positions if you do not meet the criteria

A lot of jobseekers tell themselves that they will try their luck. They may, but it is a waste of time. Apply for a job only if you meet at least 80 percent of the requirements. Job offers usually state the special skills the employer requires. In addition to languages, it can also be proficiency in certain computer programs, specific technologies, and certification levels.

Language proficiency

If you cannot assess your proficiency level in a foreign language, test yourself. There are plenty of websites on the Internet or you can ask a friend who speaks the language well to assess you. If you overestimate your language skills, you risk slamming the door on yourself for a while. Be prepared that they might ask you to conduct part of the interview in a foreign language.

Pay attention to details

For example, the advertisement can be in Slovak, but the employer requests a CV in both English and German. Chances are that you will have to use one of these languages at work. Employers use this prerequisite as the first filtering criterion, so it is crucial to respond in the requested language. Moreover, the manager responsible for the hiring process may be a foreigner.

Do not apply for all positions

Larger companies post similar advertisements for different positions, requiring the same criteria. Never respond to four offers from the same company, but choose the one that suits you the most.

If you copy your CV, remember to change the details

A frequent mistake is that when responding to multiple positions, people forget to tailor their CVs and cover letters to the specific offer and, pressed for time, forget to make the necessary changes. It does not look good if the salutation or job title is written incorrectly. Also pay attention to the consent to the processing of Personal Data. Sometimes candidates copy a template from the Internet and send it to multiple companies. The wrong company then receives consent to the processing of Personal Data addressed to a different employer.

Remember what offers you have applied for

If you apply for multiple positions in different companies, remember them. If you receive a phone call and you do not remember the position, you automatically discredit yourself in the eyes of a potential employer. It shows that you are mindlessly looking for a job and have no specific interest in that specific position.

24. June 2021 |

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